Forensics Team

"Focusing on the art of public speaking and persuasion, Forensics is actually the oldest competitive event in the VHSL (Virginia High School League).  Aiming to develop a student's talent at communication, Forensics is comprised of multiple competitive events operating under the same banner:
-Original Oratory
-Extemporaneous Speaking
-Impromptu Speaking
-Prose Interpretation
-Poetry Interpretation
-Serious Dramatic Interpretation
-Humorous Dramatic Interpretation
-Duo Serious Dramatic Interpretation
-Duo Humorous Dramatic Interpretation

The Galileo Forensics Team has been competing in VHSL tournaments since 2013.  Members of our team have advanced to the State Finals every year since 2015.  Some highlights include:


State Finals 2nd Place- Impromptu Speaking

2019-2020 (Cancelled due to COVID-19)

State Finalist, Serious Dramatic Interpretation

State Finalist, Poetry Interpretation

State Finalist, Storytelling


State Finals 3rd Place-Extemporaneous Speaking

State Finals 2nd Place-Original Oratory